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Making sense of what’s written on the notebook January 4, 2009

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There is this idea that pops up in my mind:  As much as possible I would like to write good prose. That is, even if it is short, it should be a piece that is complete and make sense.

It should be my reflection on things, events, people I met, news that I heard or read, then at the end of the write up, there should be the punchline that summarize or encapsulate the idea of the piece.

Sometimes, I am on this situation that I don’t know what to write. When that happens, I pre-write on my notebook just what comes to my mind. Most of those are just rambling or blabbering. They have no sense. They couldn’t stand out as anything good. In other words, not publishable. And it wasted, I believed, the pages of my notebook. I think I passed that stage. What I wanted now is: Anything that is recorded in my notebook – at least, the primary ingredient of a good prose is already there, and it only need polishing. I don’t need to be ambitious. 200 to 250 words would be enough, just as long as it is complete and potentially publishable.

So here’s my plan: Before I commit anything to my notebook, I should have at least an outline of what to write. Of course, I should not expect the first draft to be good. But at least it should have already the beginning, middle, end and the theme. The bone of structure is already there, so to speak,  and that what only remains is the bone’s chiseling on the revision. As I used to write in Gregg shorthand in my notebook, the revision, I could do while transcribing.